Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women
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Doll-making is an ancient creative form that touches the souls of women. Through the delicious act of creation, you will reawaken to yourself and experience a deep transformation. You will feel her in your body. She is your direct connection to spirit; she will guide you, speak to you, be your inner strength. She is your loving, spiritual guide whose wisdom you can rely on and trust. She is your higher self. She will unwaveringly be on the journey with you. She is your touchstone of identity.

Your spirit doll holds your essence. You will discover the magnitude of your full, true self. Your answers will come from a place of inner wisdom. This is a healing experience of self acceptance.

“The process of making my spirit doll was very powerful for me. I uncovered an aspect of myself that surprised me and deepened my self-acceptance. When I completed my creation, I felt excited about what might come from this inner work.

Six months later, I now know what a lovely piece to my personal growth my doll continues to be. She has become my alter ego, sitting in my office, responding wisely and graciously when I ask her a question to get me out of the old habits of the mind. I just love her (me) :)

After two years of having my spirit doll close to me in my office, I realize that getting in touch with my essence has even filtered into how I now dress. My flowing, creative spirit doll chooses my clothing instead of the tailored, almost masculine, old self who would get feedback that my clothes didn't suit me. How cool is that!”

~ Jeannie

Guided exercises are included to help you rekindle the embers of the spirit you want to expand as you move forward. The bold act of creating your Spirit Doll is a powerful way for you to unleash your pure essence that, until now, you may have guarded deeply within.

Sounds like magic? Yes, it is magical!

This workshop is for you if you:

  • are willing to look inside and embody your truth – to be in relationship with yourself – to reclaim being the author of your own life
  • are willing to be personally responsible for your business, relationships, life
  • want to reconnect with your inner essence, spirit, inner voice, intuition; you are open to the sacred
  • desire to be the best that you can be

“The "spirit dolls” were beyond fun. I got to get wildly creative and love myself through the creating of her. The whole experience was so sweet, liberating, intuitive, imaginative, inspiring and magical.

~ Andrea

Plenty of materials are provided, and please go ahead and bring anything you’d like to include on your doll - ribbons, fabrics, buttons, charms, beads, moss, seeds,…Oh, the possibilities!

And NO WORRIES: no particular craft or sewing expertise is needed for you to be successful. Your hands will know what to do.

To read testimonials from other women, and to view some Spirit Dolls, please click here.

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“My Spirit Doll sits on my desk where I can easily see her, smile at her, and remind myself of the bold, colourful, vibrant part of me that sometimes forgets to show up in the world.  The experience of designing her in the gentle atmosphere created by Marlena, was enlightening and surprising.  If you want to rediscover a vital part of yourself, a Spirit Doll workshop with Marlena is a wonderful opportunity to do so.

~ Marcia

Read Workshop uses dolls to define life's goals,
published in the Kamloops Daily News September 30, 2008

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