Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women
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Spirit Doll Workshop

In going through the process of creating my doll I reclaimed my German heritage and also gained the awareness that one needs to keep stress levels down and be open to change even though you may have done things the same way over the years and are fearful of trying to do things a new way. My Wisdom Spirit Doll sits on my table at work as a reminder to practice the tools given each day to keep the mind, body and soul healthy in order to live life fully and to model this with participants I work with.

Thank you, Marlena for providing a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental and fun learning environment...Namaste.
~ Edith

"It's weird, because I am really not a doll person...
but I love my Spirit Wisdom Doll. I knew the second I saw one of Marlena's dolls that I wanted one - fast. The love affair started before my doll was conceived, continued through the birthing process and is even more potent today. Somehow she represents that absolutely perfect, complete and unique part of me that is my essence, and just picking her up helps me cut through the emotional clutter and re-connect. She loves me, guides me, and when needed, laughs at me!"
~ Penny

Spirit Doll Workshop

“My doll, which I named after my guardian angel, shows my inner girl wanting to burst out and be seen. I believe that my inner self is waiting to be discovered.”
~ Participant

Spirit Doll Workshop

“Marlena, your easy flowing style and the power of your loving presence facilitated a re-ignition of my passion. Thank you for the awesome experience of creating my personal spirit doll.
~ Susan

Spirit Doll Workshop

“I am looking at my beautiful doll with the pearls of wisdom, the book of knowingness, the abundance of gold surrounding her and the sparkling beauty. I commune daily. My doll sits just to the right of me on my desk. She is beautiful, she holds much wisdom and I gaze at her often. Loved that process! ”
~ Ann

“I liked the whole ambiance, free feeling, good emotional support. This cemented my decision to make the change I wanted to make.”
~ Sue

“This was really fun! I loved the creative energy and the materials supplied…they opened the floodgates of creativity. Through all of this wonderful spirit my little ‘Denali’ was born. She set my soul free and my inner pain disappeared.”
~ Susan

“This was a delightful and meaningful way to inspire my creativity, quiet my intellectual critic, and affirm my appreciation of other women. I truly appreciate this opportunity for fun and introspection. I was happy to find myself in touch with my playful side as well as my spiritual and serious sides. Thank you!”
~ Johnnie

“Thank you for giving women the opportunity to release the past and create their future. Creativity like we experienced today is healing and affirms what we are working toward changing. My Spirit Doll gave me a vision of who I am becoming. My spirit lives on with a sense of freedom and awe for the future of the world.”
~ Angell

“This workshop was energizing, validating, and meaningful. The shared ideas and experience of working independently but also as part of a group was enlightening. The new ideas, skills and inspiration are of lasting value for me.”
~ Robin

“I liked the richness of materials—such abundance! And the other women, the opportunity to do this work and space and time to share. Thank you! It was wonderful—creativity-releasing-joy and sorrow, too.”
~ Becca

“Beautiful teachers, open hearts, loving, nice gentle guidance…Beautiful, lovely creations/spirits. Thank you so much!”
~ Valerie

“Thank you. I fully enjoyed this workshop. I feel inspired and I have a special friend [in my doll] that will continue to help my personal reflection and growth.”
~ Sarah

“What a great workshop. I never played with dolls and don’t think of myself as a creative person, yet my “spirit doll” still reflects the intention I started out with. It was fun and amazing to watch her take her own shape.”
~ Jaynie

“This must be what artists call creative expression. My spirit doll became the expression of something that I didn’t even know was inside me. The process was definitely an amazing evolution of discovery. I LOVE HER!!”
~ Linda

“Because I'm so busy operating my own business, it was a treat to set aside 5 hrs. just for me. My wild red-haired doll was more than willing to come home with me and has taken a place of honour in my bedroom, where I'll wake up to greet her every morning.”
~ Barbara

“An enjoyable day doll making, choosing from a wide variety of materials. It was fun seeing bits of this and that which I wanted for my spirit doll. I really liked “making decisions in the moment”.”
~ Participant

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