Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women
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About Marlena

Founder of the Body-Centered Coaching Method, Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC, is a Professional Certified Coach who has been doing body-centered work for 16 years.

She brings this expertise to her Spirit Doll Process, which she began in 2007. Marlena created the Spirit Doll Workshops as a response to the need in women to integrate change with the help of direct spiritual guidance.

Marlena knows that that we are responsible to choose how we respond to change – and that we need help with that process sometimes. And so the Spirit Doll work was born. By creating a Spirit Doll, anyone can reconnect powerfully with their inner guidance and spiritual direction.

Through her work with her own Spirit Dolls, Marlena has developed a strong sense of who she is and a trust in her deep inner core, which has helped her path immeasurably.







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