Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women Spirit Doll Wisdom - A Workshop for Women
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Spirit Dolls are messengers you make with your own two hands… and they speak to you of just exactly what you need to hear to thrive in new, more confident ways.

Join us for this transformational Spirit Doll workshop... and feel the Spirit of your business, relationships or life flow through you with new clarity and power.

As we move through difficult situations like:

  • a re-evaluation of a relationship; a separation; a divorce
  • career transition; loss of a job
  • illness – our own or someone close to us
  • grief; heartache
  • the challenges of building or redesigning a business

...we often become disconnected from ourselves, from our essence.

Everything we experience is a teacher. It is important that we have a way to come back to our center, to be in touch with our inner guidance, to connect with who we are. As we recognize our inner strength, we can more easily move through the process. We can draw on our inner core and recognize our own resilience. Then, we can go out and do what we need to do with greater confidence, grace and ease.

What I’ve seen is that every woman has options. Once you pause long enough to reflect on your inner knowing, you can find your own answer in your heart. You have the ability to reconnect with yourself in a way that will help you unlock what has been keeping you stuck. You will look at what no longer fits or serves you and begin to make choices from a place of personal power and self responsibility. Your spirit doll will support you to make decisions that are the right ones for you.

“Wow…she is beautiful. If I hadn’t created her with my own hands I would have thought she was a work of art. With her red and orange ribbons flowing so generously from her hand, skirt and hair she truly represents the essence of dance and aliveness. The magic of this workshop was the discovery of what was truly calling to me…Beauty, Grace, Lightness and Flow.

~ Linda

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